Leave traditional systems in the past; forget about extense labor, filthiness, waste of time, and overall, forget about the falsework.

With GIC’s Hollowed Slab, we guarantee that you will improve your construction time spans and costs.

Check out some of GIC’s concrete slab advantages:

    • Fast manufacture and installation
    • Construction costs reduction.
    • Material reduction (40%-50%)
    • 100% quality in finished and delivered product
    • Great resistance with m2 efficiency.
    • Ready to paint and flexible design.
    • Slope reduction.

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GIC Slab’s structure is specially designed to work with any electric installation or with any type of piping that may have to be distributed through the slab. This without affecting its resistance or structure.

Green construction.

GIC Slabs accumulate energy by preheating or cooling down at night to dissipate and minimize consumption during rush hour.

This allows energetic savings from 30% up to 50% and up to 50% in economic savings with the reduction of heater/air conditioning equipment.



    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Apartments
    • Warehouses
    • Shopping Malls
    • Homes
    • Schools
    • Docks
    • Silos
    • Stadiums / Benches
    • Parking Lots
    • Soil Retention