Precast Concrete Bridge Girders

In recent times, the need for an improved transportation infrastructure has increased the construction of bridges in Mexico. The use of precast concrete girders, both reinforced and pre-stressed (post or pre-tensioned) are offered in a wide variety of sizes and types and are increasingly common.

Precast structural girders considerably reduce the time and costs of construction. GIC has the ability and experience to manufacture the following precast girder types:


Commonly used in vehicular bridges due to their ability to support large loads and spans up to 145ft (45m) the AASHTO (Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials) girder’s classification depend on the amount and type of loads as well as the span required.


The Nebraska Girders also known as “UN” type girders, are commonly used in vehicular bridges. These girders have similar cross-section to steel “I” beams. The upper and lower flanges are wider than AASHTO sections resulting in increased space for flexural pres-stressed tendons. The height of the girder changes according to the length of the span and/or the size and type of load.

Double T

These elements are manufactured based on the geometry of Project requirements and specifications. Their cross-section is very efficient and the girders can cover a span up to 100ft (30m). They represent a low cost option for pedestrian and low load vehicular bridges as well as for parking garages.


Box girders are precast concrete elements that can be easily adapted to the needs of the project. These girders are commonly used for the construction of a wide variety of bridges (rail, vehicular and ford type bridges).

Railroad Bridge Girders

The Railroad bridge girders can be box or solid for ballast or ballast-less track. 

Special (in-site pour)

Occasionally we recommend using girders poured in site for certain projects where the use of precast elements is not feasible.