GIC produces many different types of slabs that allow our clients to choose over different feasible solutions according to their Project needs. The dimensions and geometry of the slabs are determined, in part, by the required span, loads and project end use. The selection of slab type is determined based on our technical experience in structural systems in addition to our customer’s requests and/or needs. Major savings in:

    • Time
    • Labor / Manpower
    • Materials
    • Design Versatility
    • Larger span areas
    • No use of formwork
    • Column qty reduction
    • Easy to install

GIC Slab (Hollow Core)

Commonly known as hollow core slabs, these types of slabs are extruded and contain voids in all of its longitudinal extent. They are usually used as mezzanines and roof slabs in hotels, offices, housing and mixed use buildings. These elements can also be used to construct perimetral walls.

The extrusion process and technology used to produce these elements in our plant is highly sophisticated and is able to compact the concrete to a very high density.

This, along with the pre-stressed steel reinforcement gives the slab a high load capacity compared to traditional systems. GIC produces different slab thicknesses according to project needs.

GIC’s Hollow Core

Rectangular Box Slab

These slabs may vary in thickness and are used for the construction of mezzanines according to project specifications. They are very similar to hollow-core slabs, the difference is that these are solid instead of being hollow. They are easy to transport and install and like other slab types, they allow for cleanliness on site and to maintain order, there is no need to lay formwork or pour concrete on site, generating savings on time among other advantages.

Single T and Double T

GIC has built a wide variety of different parking garages using these structural elements. These slabs are perfect for buildings that require large spans such as conference rooms, parking garages, theaters, warehouses and any other project that requires of large surface areas with open spaces without the interference of columns.