GIC develops all kinds of custom concrete (pre-stressed or reinforced) products. Some of these products include:

prefabricados a la medida2-02

Patrol Walkways

Patrol walkways are precast structures which are generally used as elevated walkways and placed over high walls in penitentiaries or prisons.

Stadium Stands

Stadium bleachers are another customed precast structure which purpose serves as seats for stadiums or stages. These elements can be supported over metallic or concrete structures.


Precast tablets can be manufactured in different sizes and can be used as facades, walls or skirts for different applications. They can be modified with a special finish to give a favorable view to the architectural project.

Floor/Plate Slab

Their thicknesses vary from 7.5cm to 10cm and are commonly used as in-between girder slabs in the construction of vehicular bridges. The tablets are placed over the borders of the girders top flange and can be either reinforced or pre-stressed. The tablets account for the necessary reinforcement at the bottom part of the slab (positive moment) and therefore only the top reinforcement of the slab need to be placed.

Central Barriers

Central barriers are precast concrete structures which are used to delimit or separate lanes on roads. They are also used to delimit prohibited areas.

Parking Blocks 

In GIC we manufacture different types of parking blocks. These can be long or short, depending on specifications provided by customer requests. They have two holes at the top which allow them to anchor to the pavement through its rods.

Custom Precast 

Any type of concrete structure can be manufactured in GIC, based on architectural plans and designs provided by the customer. Our company can calculate and design the corresponding engineering elements needed, and acquire the necessary molds to build any prefabricated concrete structure.