Using two types of precast elements and systems we can provide different solutions that can adapt to the requirements of design, space and use. These systems are GIC Fence and Slab Fence.

GIC Fence

This system uses hollow core concrete slabs and can rise to the required height using 6in (15cm) thick concrete slabs installed horizontally over one another. Each slab measures 6ft wide with a varying length from 19ft to 26ft (6m to 8m). The wall panels are pre-stressed and have appealing smooth surfaces which are highly durable and can bear high vertical and lateral loads. The sections are held up by concrete or steel posts that are installed over isolated foundations.


Slab Fence (Short slab wall)

This is a low-cost type of wall that allows a quick and efficient installation around any perimeter. It can be constructed to any height using pre-stressed concrete panels that measure 2in (5cm) thick, 19in (50cm) wide and 8ft (250cm) long. The sections are held up by concrete posts that have isolated foundations.