Vaults are arched elements used since the early days to resist large loads. We build vaults formed from a three-joint arch. This attribute allows us to precast the whole reinforced arch in transportable sections to later achieve the desired length in project area.

We design and construct for water intrusion in roads and urban zones with the use of precast culverts and vaults. We have ready-made products with high structural quality and versatility in design, allowing us to provide quick and efficient solutions for the most difficult projects.

The geometry of the vaults (relationship between height and span) is critical to its structural behavior. A perfect symmetry is achieved with the formwork used by GIC.

Prefabricated vaults considerably reduce construction times and offer a uniform and clean appearance. The articulated vaults can be used as culverts over small to medium streams, in the construction of overpasses and as cattle walkways under highways.