It is very important to offer our customers our professional engineering services to meet the needs of infrastructure for public and private industry sectors. In GIC, we specialize in the design of precast prestressed concrete structures, reinforced concrete and steel profiles. We always consider the smallest details in every project, seeking optimal and efficient solutions, supported by highly qualified and experienced construction professionals.

Engineering Services:

    • Structural analysis and design
    • Calculation sheets/reports
    • Detailed plans
    • Concept catalogs
    • Individual specifications
    • Work programs
    • Geometric road projects
    • Geometric railroad projects, schools, siding and railroad yards

For the construction of:

    • Parking buildings, offices and any other type of building
    • Car, railroad and pedestrian bridges
    • Sewers
    • Road and highways
    • Elevated tanks
    • Industrial park buildings
    • Any other type of project